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Lifestyle Antenatal Classes is a small company run by Alison Green, offering a personalised service to all parents, whether this is your first, second or subsequent baby.  Due to staff shortages and budget cutbacks, many NHS hospitals are only able to offer a very brief overview of birth and parenting in their Parentcraft classes.  Some hospitals are unable to offer any form of classes at all.  The National Childbirth Trust does a wonderful job in trying to fill the breach, but many areas of London have long waiting lists for places on their courses.  Lifestyle Antenatal Classes hopes to be able to provide a high quality service to those parents who are unable to access the information they need elsewhere and at a time and in a setting that suits them. In these "credit crunch" times, we are also very competitive with most of our courses significantly cheaper than other private classes.  We are now also able to offer a full Doula or Birth Companion service which can be stand-alone or combined with antenatal education.

When my son was born in 1999, my husband and I found the antenatal classes we attended invaluable.  Although you can learn a lot from books and magazines, there is no substitute for the personal approach of a qualified professional, together with the chance to discuss one’s hopes and fears with a small, like-minded group.


Having given up full time employment to look after my son, I therefore decided to train as an antenatal teacher and applied to study for the Diploma in Antenatal Education (NCT) from Luton University.  Three years and a wonderful baby daughter later, I qualified as a teacher and began teaching locally. In June 2011, I also qualified as an Doula or Birth Companion, having completed the University of Worcester Applied Certificate in Science: NCT Birth Companion. 


I have taught regularly for the last 10 years and have close links with my local maternity units, so I am always fully up-to-date with the latest information and techniques.  I firmly believe that antenatal education is an essential part of childbirth and parenting, but I also think that classes should be fun and I do my best to make sure that the important information is mixed with lots of laughter!


My work as a Doula is an important continuation of classes for those who feel that an additional person in the delivery suite would give them extra confidence. 



Here are some comments from past clients

The classes we did with Alison definitely made a difference to my labour and George's birth! I managed the first 9 hours with TENS and entonox, and feel very pleased that I did that before asking for an epidural, which was a much more informed decision that it would have been without your teaching. We are now managing quite well at home, and have now established breastfeeding quite successfully, again I think this would have been a lot harder without the confidence we got from your classes.
Bridget and Oliver, Sutton

We felt the course was excellent value for money and a great service for people who don't want to go to traditional NCT/Hospital antenatal classes.
Anika and TIm, West Hill

We decided to book antenatal classes in addition to those provided by the NHS because we wanted the opportunity to learn in more detail about options for the birth and also learn the basics of how to care for our baby.

Alison was our teacher; she was extremely friendly and approachable.  It was a highly interactive class, with tasks and discussion.  We felt comfortable to ask questions and raise worries, however silly they may have seemed to us, and by the end of the course we both felt more confident and knowledgeable.  We felt informed to make choices, realising what choices were available to us, and focusing on controlling the birth of our baby. 

Our course was well worth the time and money, Alison was an excellent teacher, and we would recommend attending to anyone.

Darryl and Sarah Shaw, Epsom

I participated in ante-natal refresher classes with Alison. She was practical, informative and supportive. My first birth experience was not great so for my second child I enlisted the services of a doula. Alison supported my choice and provided me with a wealth of information on Vaginal Birth After Caesarean which reassured me and made me feel more relaxed and prepared.

Emma Berry, Sutton


I would like to recommend Alison Green very highly as an Antenatal teacher.  Having attended a course before the birth of my first child, I found the information Alison provided extremely helpful and the sessions enjoyable and relaxing.  The course enabled me to feel more confident about the birth and as prepared as it is possible to be.  With hindsight, I also appreciated the information about caesarean sections as it turned out to be relevant for us.

I was so impressed by Alison's teaching, that I attended a further course when expecting my second child.  I feel that the information and support Alison offered at that time was very influential in enabling me to avoid a repeat caesarean.

Hannah, Wallington


When labour started I felt I could embrace it and I didn't feel scared or in a panic, which meant I could think about the things we had discussed that would help me and my body through labour. I managed it without pain relief or intervention so thank you for all your suggestions and advice.
Sarah, Stoneleigh


Alison was very approachable and friendly and put us completely at our ease.  The involvement of partners in the course was excellent.

Amanda and Darren, Fetcham



And as a Doula/Birth Companion:

It is a pleasure to recommend Alison to you.  She really provided great support to Kerry and me.  I have no doubt that having a birth partner, and Alison in particular, improved our experience. 
Grant and Kerry-Ann, parents of Rachael

Alison's support and calming influence undoubtedly influenced strongly what turned out to be a relatively smooth birth.  Without her help and guidance, I would have been far more anxious throughout the experience.  My husband and I could not recommend her services highly enough ! 
Sarah and Ash, parents of Thomas

As my Doula, Alison provided the expert knowledge, reassurance and support before, during and after labour which I felt I needed to help me have as natural a delivery as possible, and it worked - with me having a very good water birth with only gas and air as pain relief.  Highly recommended ! 
Charlotte and Andrew, parents of Sophia