Our Doula Service

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The Greek word Doula means "servant" or "care giver" and that is exactly what the role entails in labour.  Research has shown that women who receive continuous physical and emotional support in labour are more likely to give birth spontaneously, less likely to use pain medications, more likely to be satisfied with their birth experience and also have a slightly shorter labour.

s your Doula, I will:-

      Meet with you up to three times before the birth

      Help you to put together a birth plan whether you are going to have your baby at home, in a birth centre or in hospital

      Stay with you throughout your labour and birth and communicate with medical and midwifery staff so you can focus on your own needs

      Support you emotionally, offer you comfort measures such as massage, and help you use active birth skills breathing and relaxation

      Support your partner during the labour

      Meet with you again after the birth to discuss your labour with you.

      Be available by phone (and if practicable in person) for up to 6 weeks after the birth to answer any questions you might have.

 As your Doula, I cannot: 

      Guarantee you a vaginal birth, although research shows that when a Doula or Birth Companion is present, a woman is more more likely to give birth spontaneously. 

      Make medical decisions about your labour

      Interfere with hospital policy.  I can, however, support and encourage you in the decisions you choose to make with research-based evidence. 

N.B.  I will be available by phone and, if practicable, in person as soon as you think labour has started.  However, if you have a lengthy latent first stage or if you are required to undergo induction of labour, I may not be able to be with you for this whole period.  Rest assured though, that when you need me, I WILL be there.

The cost of this service alone is 500*.  This covers the 3 meetings before the birth, the services of the Doula for the whole of the labour process once in hospital (and for some of the time at home, where appropriate) and also on a consultation basis for the 6 weeks following the birth.  The Doula will be available any time day or night from 10 days before the due date to 10 days after the due date.  Full terms and conditions are available on request.

* discounts are available if you combine antenatal education with the Doula service.

Comments from past clients:

It is a pleasure to recommend Alison to you.  She really provided great support to Kerry and me.  I have no doubt that having a birth partner, and Alison in particular, improved our experience.  Grant and Kerry-Ann, parents of Rachael

Alison's support and calming influence undoubtedly influenced strongly what turned out to be a relatively smooth birth.  Without her help and guidance, I would have been far more anxious throughout the experience.  My husband and I could not recommend her services highly enough !  Sarah and Ash, parents of Thomas

As my Doula, Alison provided the expert knowledge, reassurance and support before, during and after labour which I felt I needed to help me have as natural a delivery as possible, and it worked - with me having a very good water birth with only gas and air as pain relief.   Charlotte and Andrew, parents of Sophia